Spas for menLet’s face it: men get stressed, too!

Where do they turn when they need to relax? For many men, all they really want is to sit back, relax, and be pampered…just like their female counterparts.

A trip to the spa should take care of that. Unfortunately, many men have preconceived notions about visiting a spa. Will they be the only man there? Is the experience worth it? Will they be welcome when they step through the door?

Pure Spa has heard every question (and excuse)in the book. We’re here to tell you: spas ARE for men! Let us answer a few of your biggest questions…and help you finally book your much-deserved spa day!

Won’t I Be The Only Man There?


The ratio of male vs. female clients at Pure Spa is way more balanced than you might think!

Every day, men stop by our spa for massages, skin care treatments, and even waxing services. We are a top destination for both sexes – and everyone is welcome.

We also have both male and female therapists on staff, and each of them is an accomplished professional and truly skilled in their field of expertise.

Are Treatments As Beneficial To Men As They Are For Women?


Stress and tension melt away with Pure Spa’s therapeutic services.

If you’re suffering from a heavy workload, discomfort while sitting at your desk, congestion from airplane travel, or even need help recovering from a sports injury, we’re the perfect place for you.

From relaxing, therapeutic treatments to deep tissue massages, we’ve got all of the solutions to your problems right here in our Ambler spa. We even offer a 45 minute Work Day Relief massage, which is perfect for men who need to make a quick pit stop after work!

I’ve Never Tried It…Is It Too Late To Start Now?

Absolutely NOT!

What fun is it avoiding something new and different, especially when it’s something that can help you?

If you’re not sure where to start, we can help. Our front desk staff can answer any questions you may have. Feel free to walk in at any time and take a tour of Pure Spa before booking your appointment.

Our licensed therapists will talk you through our list of treatments and what to expect during your appointment, and will answer any questions you may have.

Life is too short to be shy. Be brave! Try something new!

So You Say I’ll Love It…Prove It!

Don’t believe us? Just ask this group of guys who stopped by Pure Spa for their very first spa day!

When they arrived at our spa, they put on some cozy robes and settled into relaxation mode. They sipped glasses of champagne and enjoyed on a plate of cheese and fruit.

Since many of them were experiencing their very first massage, they were given a quick run-through of the process. We explained their options and let them select the aromas and essential oils that they wanted to use.

We reviewed the areas that required the most focus during their massage, the areas that needed to be avoided due to sensitivity or injury, and even what articles of clothing that needed to be removed and what needed to be left on. (There’s always confusion when it comes to that!)

When the massages were over, we asked the men to review their experience. All five guys repeated the same thing: this was the PERFECT day!

They loved every detail of their experience, from the snacks, champagne, & tea to the extra-large robes and slippers, even the folded toilet paper in the bathrooms did not go unnoticed.

Most importantly, the men left Pure Spa feeling amazing. One man even fell asleep in the relaxation room because he was so soothed after his first spa experience!

We’d love to provide you with the same level of service and relaxation! Don’t wait another minute to book your very first spa appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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