Pathway To Peace - Pure Spa hallwayPure Spa is your pathway to peace this holiday season!

The first step on this path is to make time for yourself: book an appointment at our spa in Ambler! Allow our knowledgeable staff to schedule you with the perfect treatment or combination of treatments designed to meet your individual needs.

When your spa day arrives, the journey begins the moment you step through Pure Spa’s front door! You are the peace-seeking sojourner, and we are your steady and trusted guides along this personal journey to peace and well-being.

As you check in for your appointment, you are greeted by a warm and friendly front desk staff. You immediately notice the fragrant aroma of the botanicals and essential oils utilized in every service.

Take a deep breath and let the scent carry you into a state of relaxation. This is the beginning of the best part of your day!

Next, your therapist meets you and escorts you to the treatment room. The quiet, dimly-lit hallway surrounds you. With each step along the way, you feel yourself calming your mind and setting aside all the stresses of the day.

The treatment itself is tailored to your needs. Each massage or facial begins with a personal consultation with your therapist. They listen and make a plan with you to be sure the service directly addresses your exact concerns.

Finally, it’s time for the treatment… ahhh, the treatment!

Enhanced with warm towels & stones, essential oil blends, and the latest & greatest in skincare technology, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Our intuitive therapists and skilled technicians delivering exceptional service are here to offer you all of the pampering and high quality treatment that you should expect from a top-rate spa like Pure Spa.

After your treatment, you are guided into the relaxation room to slowly ease back into the world and allow all the benefits of you spa services to settle in.

While resting in our relaxation room, enjoy a seasonal hot tea, small snack, and maybe even read an entire article (imagine that?!) in one of your favorite magazines.

Sit back and relax in a cozy robe and slippers, tuned in to the calming and soothing spa music.

It’s your choice – stay as little or as long as you like in this heavenly room where many a guest have been known to fall asleep for a spell!

Once your service has concluded and you find yourself checking out, the staff “checks in” with you to be sure your service exceeded your expectations. The therapist makes their recommendations for home care and follow up visits and the front desk staff sends you off with a smile.

Be sure to book your next visit before you leave and keep this pathway to peace a regular part of your life!

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