Spa Facials

Luxurious facials designed to promote relaxation and a glowing complexion.

Spa Facial
Pure Signature Facial

Our Signature Facial utilizes organic and naturally-dervied ingredients. Ultra mild and perfect even for the most extreme skin sensitivities. With pure essential oils, Manuka honey, and hints of rose water throughout, this beautifully appointed one-of-a-kind treatment will leave your skin with a radiant glow. PEG-free, Paraben-free, hydrating and purifying, Your skin will thank you!

**Being that the sole focus of this facial is relaxation and pampering of the the skin, extractions are NOT included, but can be added for an additional charge. 

Recommended for all skin types.


50 minutes : $95

Age Defying Facial

Taking an anti-aging facial to the next level. This power facial infuses the moisturizing and healing properties of collagen deep into the skin and revitalizes damaged cells. This facial, combined with cutting edge ingredients will dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and will improve your skin’s tone and texture. Truly a rejuvenating experience, especially around the delicate areas of the eyes, mouth and lips (the areas of which we show the first signs of aging). Wait no longer, beat the signs of aging today!

Recommended for: mature skin


60 minutes : $125

MAN-datory Facial

This straightforward, uncomplicated service begins with a warm towel treatment infused with essential oils followed by deep cleansing with exfoliation and extractions. A customized masque and application of oil free moisturizer leaves his face fresh and clean. This man-tastic facial is perfect for treating those pesky ingrown hairs! A stress relieving scalp massage tops off the experience. Leaves skin feeling completely refreshed.

Recommended for: Men of all ages


50 minutes : $95

C The Difference Facial

Our Vita-C Facial utilizes a high dose of Vitamin C which encourages action by visibly transforming skin’s clarity and elasticity while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Antioxidants and minerals synergistically defend against free radical damage and the resulting effects. You will C The Difference with immediate improvement in tone and firmness, resulting in a beautiful healthy glow.

Recommended for: most skin types


60 minutes : $115

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