Holly Crabtree, RN, CLT & RN Injector is now following a new career path in skin rejuvenation, through medical aesthetics. She especially loves Microneedling, which is collagen induction therapy. This is one of the only treatments out there that helps our bodies regenerate our own natural collagen. Collagen is lost as we age and the main culprit to fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Holly owned and operated “Mind, Body, Soul”, a successful business in Chalfont, PA for over 12 years. Her focus on helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals through proper diet, exercise and massage therapy. She believes all three entities go hand and hand; needing to be present for optimal health, wellness and conditioning.

Holly is excited to offer medical aesthetics to clients with a passion for skincare. Providing, yet another piece, of the “wholeness puzzle”, so many of us strive for.