Yana by Image SkincarePure Spa is the place to go for your favorite Image Skincare Products. We love their entire line of creams, serums, and powders, whose results can be seen and felt instantaneously.

Which is why we were intrigued by the latest announcement: Yana by Image Skincare is sweeping the world of anti-aging remedies by storm, and celebrities can’t get enough of this hot new product!

Clinical studies have shown improvement to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in more than 70% of participants in just 30 days. It contains a patented bioactive collagen peptide that increases skin firmness, slows collagen loss, reduces wrinkle depth, and increases hydration.

Simply sip one “shot” of this delicious liquid daily after completing your normal skincare routine. The tonic will work from within to improve the look of your skin, completing the 360° approach to skin care that Image promotes.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s see what the celebs have to say about it:

What do you think about this miracle drink? We’d love to hear whether our wonderful clients would give this concoction a “shot!” Let us know in the comments section below!