It’s finally here. Bitter cold winter weather is starting to roll in!

Harsh freezing winds and unhealthy comfort foods can really take their toll on your complexion. Now is the perfect time of year to treat your skin to a microdermabrasion session at Ambler Pure Spa.

Microdermabrasion* is a very precise skin exfoliation process. Our skilled technicians use a diamond-tipped wand to refresh your skin. Your complexion will look fresh and radiant after just one session!

Take a look at this video of a typical microdermabrasion session at our spa in Ambler, PA:

At Ambler Pure Spa, we offer microdermabrasion appointments as a standalone service; schedule your 30 minute appointment today for a swift power punch to your complexion that can be completed during your lunch break!

If you’re looking to be truly pampered, schedule an hour-long MicroRadiance Facial or a MicroRadiance Facial Peel. Both of these services include microdermabrasion, and your skin will be positively glowing!

Keep healthy looking skin on track this winter. Schedule your microdermabrasion session with Ambler Pure Spa today and look forward to a healthy, radiant complexion that will outlast even the strongest snowstorm!

Click here to schedule your facial service with Ambler Pure Spa today.

*Recommended for mature skin only