With summer in full swing, many of you are suffering the harsh effects of the sun’s damaging rays. Our amazing partners at GR8/SKN created a product that not only does wonders for the face, but also has healing properties to soothe the skin!

Created from an Aloe Vera base with added Vitamin A, RESET can help repair damage and create quicker cell turnover. It’s time to RESET your skin!


This Vitamin A and probiotic-based serum will help normalize your skin, stopping the excess oil production causing unwanted breakouts.

Vitamin A is a powerful anti-acne agent common in prescription acne treatments, but Reset uses a gentler dose to help improve your complexion without irritating your skin. This makes it gentle enough for nightly use – no prescription necessary!

Got sunburn? Turn to RESET by GR8/SKN. Topical application of Vitamin A normalizes the cellular function of the damaged skin.

Pure Spa in Ambler carries the full skincare line of GR8/SKN products, and we absolutely adore this brand. We feel particularly connected to the brand because local medical professional Dr. Janine Ellenberger personally formulated it, and the entire line of products is manufactured locally in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Click here for more information on GR8/SKN’s line of skin care products available at Pure Spa.