Hygge EssentialsWe have a new favorite word: Hygge.

Originally a Danish term, hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is roughly translated as “well-being”, but the real meaning is closer to “coziness”.

In reality, hygge is hard to pronounce…it’s also hard to describe. It’s more a state of mind and heart and less an actual thing. The two closest English words that offer a good start to understanding this positive attitude are “warm” and “cozy”. Mainly, it’s about closeness, warm relationships and making every moment count.

As the winter season draws near, we at Pure Spa have embraced this idea whole-heartedly and have created seasonal services and spa packages around this centering sentiment. We’re encouraging our clients to “Slow down, get cozy, and take pleasure from the simple things in life.” This belief is very befitting as we face the cold dark months ahead.

Hygge is the perfect holiday theme for Pure Spa as it directly relates to what we promote every day of the year: A positive, enduring spirit that literally and figuratively warms your soul, be it enjoying time well spent with friends and family, curling up with a good book, or coming to the spa to unwind and relax. It’s about taking time for pleasantries and warmth, casting off that which is aggravating or mentally and emotionally draining.

While this all may seem very straightforward, we have to make a real effort to create a positive, warm, friendly environment, especially during the winter. So as the winter months lumber and linger, remember it’s important to “Hygge” – that is to stay positive, happy, and healthy!