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Celebrating with the most amazing team I could ever ask for!

Nineteen years ago, I decided that I wanted to open my own business.

As a manager of a hair salon, I had no idea what type of business I wanted to open, I just knew that I wanted to create a business of my own.

Years later, I was a single mother working as a spa director in Philadelphia. Not only was I working my butt off trying to make ends meet, but I was also watching as my staff entered our spa with a look of misery on their face at having to face another day at work.

That’s no way to live! I thought to myself, “Things have got to get better than this, right?”

And that, my dear friends, is when everything started falling into place.

My employer had recently turned down an offer to expand his city spa into the suburbs. I made a phone call to the landlord of 79 East Butler Avenue in Ambler. One year later, on December 18, 2007, Pure Spa was up and running.

I knew that opening my own spa would bring with it plenty of risk, and even more hard work. I also knew that I wanted to build a better life for my daughter, and to show her that strong businesswomen do exist.

Spa in Ambler - Holiday 2011

One of our holiday window displays 🙂

I’ll never forget our very first sale. A man named John walked into our storefront (which had no front desk and zero cash in the register) and handed me a $100 bill for an Ambler Pure Spa gift certificate. After he left, I did a little happy dance, before briefly contemplating the idea of framing that $100 bill and mounting it on the wall. However, as a new business owner, I knew that $100 would be put to better use paying off a few bills!

Even though we began as a relaxing, massage-centric spa, we eventually blossomed into the fields of skin care and athletic massage. Our skin care treatments cover a wide variety of needs, from relaxing facials to advanced-grade treatments. And while I still believe that regular massage leads to overall health and a stress-free life, there is definitely benefit in receiving the occasional massage for wellness and medical purposes!

Spa in Ambler - Balloons

Thanks for many years of amazing memories with wonderful clients!

Now more than ever, my team and I believe that we are are redefining what it means to be a “day spa.”

Since our inception, I have focused not only on helping our clients with the services we provide, but on giving back to the community which has given so much to us. We have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most amazing organizations around, including Autism Speaks, the Ronald McDonald House, the Lupus Foundation of America, the Mattie N. Dixon Community Cupboard, the Women’s Center of Montgomery County, and For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite.

As we begin our 10th year, I want to thank all of you – our amazing clients – for believing in me nine years ago, and thank you for your continued support throughout the years. It means more to me than you will ever know.

On behalf of myself and the entire Ambler Pure Spa crew, cheers to nine great years, and many more to come.

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