Exclusively utilized in 2 beautiful spa facials at Pure Spa, the Lucas Spray is a most unique atomizer. Experience this beautiful treatment in the Le Grand Classique or Vital Elastine facial.

This spray carries the aromatic botanicals of Yon-Ka Skincare’s Quintessence essential oils (lavender, rosemary, geranium, cyprus, and thyme) in a very fine mist. Suitable for use on sensitive skin, these Yon-Ka facials are excellent for treating dehydrated and mature skin types.

The extraordinary synergy of these five essential oils and the delivery through the Lucas Sprayer combine to deep cleanse, hydrate the epidermis, and aid in maintaining the skin’s suppleness.

Le Grand Classique Facial is part of the luxurious Mother’s Day package called A Day of Pampering. This package also includes a 90 minute Hot Stone Massage.